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We Deliver Van Rentals to You!


deliver van rentalsDid you know Michigan Van Rental will deliver van rentals directly to you?

Although renting a vehicle provides a level of convenience, picking up a rental typically doesn’t. If you organized your rental in advance, the pick-up process can be easier. However, you still can experience other inconveniences and delays. Who hasn’t gone to one of the big rental companies at that airport and experienced a long wait, computer glitches, etc? It can be very annoying! While these inconveniences cannot be avoided at times, some companies make the rental process a lot easier.  Michigan Van Rental is that company. We both pick up and drop off at several local airports.  And, it gets better than that!  Michigan Van Rental will deliver a Van right to your front door!

Deliver Rentals to Your Location

One of the biggest inconveniences of car and van rentals is picking them up. As mentioned, lines are always issues. But there are other inconveniences that come with picking up your rental directly. If you are not coming from the airport, you need to drive to the rental agency. That means you have to either get a ride from a taxi service or find someone to drive with you so they can take your car back. This adds another frustrating step to the entire rental process, especially now that you need an additional person to pick up the vehicle.

However, this can be extra challenging if you need to leave directly from the rental agency. That means taking your traveling bags with you so you can load them into the van at the agency. Stressful right? How about adding a few extra people? Without a doubt, picking up your rental can be messy. That is why rental delivery is so convenient. You avoid all of these issues and even give you additional time to get your life in order before you go on your trip!  No hassle and no stress at all. Not many companies offer rental deliveries. Fortunately, our company will deliver a van rental to your door!

Reserve Your Van Rental Today!

Michigan Van Rental wants to make your rental experience the best. That is why our company offers rental deliveries for a small fee. Just give us a 24-hour notice and we can prepare your rental to arrive right at your door! This allows you to avoid wasting time pick-up the vehicle and focus on getting on the road. Michigan Car and Van Rental provide vehicles for all of your traveling needs. So,  call 586-755-9290 or contact us to get your rental delivered to your home today!


Airport Van Rentals

Ford transit on the way to the airportRenting vans and being picked up from the airport when flying into the DTW is becoming more popular. With the prices of taxis and ride-share apps being so expensive, renting your own vehicle is often a much cheaper option. The most popular vehicle to rent from the airport is vans. There are many benefits to renting a van from Michigan Car & Van Rental from hassle-free airport pickup and dropoff to reasonable prices and van options. Many large groups such as church groups, hockey teams, large families, and even bowling leagues rent vans and rely on airport pickup. 

Reasons To Rent a Van

While cars can be a good rental option for some, renting a van has many benefits. Firstly, vans have a lot of space. We offer 7, 12, and 15-seat passenger vans that provide lots of space and seating for large parties. Perhaps you need a vehicle for business or work purposes. Or maybe you are traveling with a large group of people that require a van with enough space for everyone. Whether you need a van for work purposes or personal transportation, you can rent a van from us!

Renting a vehicle from an airport rental company can be expensive. Along with the initial rental charge, there are often additional charges as well. Unlike some of these companies, Michigan Car & Van Rental rents vehicles at reasonable prices. No matter how long you need to rent the vehicle, we will offer you an affordable quote. Furthermore, we provide airport pickup and dropoff.

Pickup at DTW and Other Michigan Airports

We pick up directly from the airport, mostly at the metro Detroit airport (DTW) but there are other local airports in Michigan we’ve picked-up customers from. The Oakland County International Airport (PTK) near Pontiac in Waterford and the Flint Bishop International Airport (FNT) are just two of them.

When you rent a van from Michigan Car & Van Rental, you can trust that your vehicle will be ready for you upon your arrival at the airport. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Rental

Chrysler Pacifica minivan rentalsThe Chrysler Pacifica is one of the best minivan models available today due to its abundance of special features. From its extensive safety features to the amount of space in the vehicle, there are several benefits to reap when you rent the new PacificaWhile there are many models of passenger vans to choose from, the Chrysler Pacifica is definitely a customer favorite and is in high demand. Whether you need a spacious vehicle for a long family road trip or to fulfill work responsibilities, you can’t go wrong when you rent a new Pacifica Minivan from Michigan Car and Van Rental!

Chrysler Pacifica Minivan Features

The brand-new Chrysler Pacifica has a variety of features that make it the best passenger van available for rent. One of the benefits of the newer model is the number of safety features available. The Pacifica offers a 360-degree surround-view camera as well as a rear parking assist that allows the driver to remain aware of their surroundings at all times. The vehicles also offer a blindspot monitoring system that assists the driver in changing lanes safely. Additionally, the Pacifica has adaptive cruise control and automatic pedestrian braking which will keep its occupants safe even in the event of an emergency.

Chrysler Pacifica 7 passenger seating and storage

The size of the vehicle is also a beneficial feature. The Chrysler Pacifica seats 7 passengers with its stow-and-go storage and seating. The collapsable seats of the vehicle allow for adaptable space and configurations while also giving you plenty of seating options. While providing all those seating options, the vehicle also provides plenty of storage! How? Well, the Pacifica has a large amount of trunk space as well as a hidden compartment on the floor of the vehicle for secure storage. Whether you have a big family going on a trip or need room and comfort for business, the Pacifica is the best choice for you!

Here at Michigan Car & Van Rentals, we have 20 new Chrysler Pacificas available for rent! We make the process of renting passenger vans easy. Just reserve the vehicle using our quote form and we will reach out to confirm your rental. Personal attention and superior service are our specialties. Please contact us with any questions or better yet, call us at 586-755-9290 to speak to someone today!


Transit Van Rentals

Transit Vans

Transit van rentals, transit van rentals, or cargo van rentals, we have them all at Michigan Car & Van Rental. When it comes to roomy vehicles with multiple options, you cannot go wrong with a van. One of the biggest advantages of renting a van over a car is space.  In addition, our transit vans offer the ability to transport up to 15 people and their luggage comfortably. This makes a van rental ideal for large amounts of people.

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The Ram Pro Master Cargo Van

The Ram Pro Master Cargo Van

The Ram Pro Master Cargo van is one of the best cargo vans available today. At Michigan Car and Van Rental, we have a variety of cargo vans to choose from, but the Ram Pro Master is always in high demand. In addition to the Ram, we carry a large fleet of cargo vans to choose from. The Pro Master cargo van really sets itself apart from the pack by offering terrific handling.

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Benefits of a Cargo Van

Benefits of a Cargo Van

There are many benefits and practical uses for cargo vans. Often times cargo vans are used for work purposes or for moving. When it comes to this type of vehicle there are some advantages it has over other models such as trucks. Also, reliable and sturdy are words usually used to describe cargo vans. These dependable vehicles will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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Travel Michigan In Style and Comfort

Travel Michigan In Style and Comfort

When it comes time to travel Michigan again, do it in style with a transit van from Michigan Car and Van Rental. Located in Warren, Michigan Car and Van Rental can supply you with the vehicle you need for your next trip. Many people these days tend to lease their cars, and with that, you do not want to add miles to your vehicle. In addition, if you are taking your whole family on the trip you may need a larger vehicle for the room.

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Ford Transit and Chevy Transit Vans For Rent

15 Passenger Sprinter Van

At Michigan Car and Van Rental, we have a large variety of vans to choose from. One of our most popular vans is the Ford Transit vans.  From 12 to 15 passenger van rentals are available. Also, these vans are ideal for vacation and other types of trips. Hopefully, soon everything will be back to normal, and when that happens make sure you secure transportation for your outing. With the space inside our transit vans, you are comfortable and can easily maintain social distancing!

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Benefits Of Renting A Transit Van

Ford Transit High Top 15 Passenger Side
Do you need a vehicle with a lot of space? Perhaps you are moving your friend into a new home or setting up for a party. Maybe you and your family are looking for a vehicle to use on a road trip. We have just the right vehicle for you! Here at Michigan Car & Van Rental, we offer large transit vans!  When you choose to rent a transit van from us, you can be sure that you are getting the best service available.

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Reasons To Rent From Michigan Car and Van Rental

Ford Transit High Top 15 Passenger Side

At Michigan Car & Van Rental, there are many great reasons to rent from us. We rent to passenger vans, cargo vans, minivans, and cars all over the great state of Michigan. In addition, we offer competitive prices and excellent customer services to all our customers. No matter if you are renting for work or a family event we have the vehicle for you!

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